our research focus is studying effective language for promoting the compassionate stewardship of nature to reduce wild animal suffering, and promoting the fields of welfare biology and welfare impact assessment.

research publications:

effective communication strategies for addressing wild animal suffering


our outreach work is focused on three demographics—researchers, funders, and wild animal advocates. we work with researchers and funders to grow welfare biology as a field, and with advocates to grow wild animal suffering as a cause area. we see an emphasis on effective communication strategies as an integral part of our outreach work.


while we hope to grow our stewardship programs in the future, currently we are working on exploratory research on indoor cat and TNR advocacy, humane insecticide advocacy, and dietary change advocacy. we currently maintain an optimistic but neutral position on all of these stewardship projects, and are studying both the impact on wild animal suffering, and measuring the cost-effectiveness of efforts to reduce wild animal suffering.

stewardship publications:

adoption level advocacy: a cost-effective program to reduce wild animal suffering

humane insecticides - a roadmap for change